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My name is Nash Kassam – I am the founder of healthcaremarketing.ca and I believe I am the best online marketer in THE WORLD for dentists, chiropractors, and plastic surgeons. It all started in 1988 when I was born as a twin to a mother and father who are both dentists.

At the tender age of 7 my twin and I were working in their office answering the phones and filing paperwork away. By 11 we were designing them business cards, letterheads, and in office presentations. In 2010, after my twin and I both graduated with business degrees, we started a software company that helps healthcare professionals generate more referrals and reviews.

During the year it took to build our software, my parents hired me to manage the growth of their clinic as it had been stagnant for a while and was basically breaking even for the last 10 years. They gave $100,000 and said “do whatever you think is best.” Given that they were not leveraging the internet much, I focused most of my money online. To save money I did as much of the work myself instead of paying other people – I learned how to make websites, do search engine optimization, and manage Adwords accounts, among other things. In 1 year I was able turn their $100,000 marketing budget into an extra $400,000 of cash. Pretty soon dentists from all over North America were learning about me and asking for my help.

My twin and I launched our software company in 2011 and by 2013 so many of our customers had asked for web design and marketing help that I decided to branch off and start healthcaremarketing.ca.

After talking with THOUSANDS of dentists and other professionals all over North America I learned two main things:

  1. Most clinic owners have had a negative experience trying online marketing because they were mislead and purchased the wrong product
  2. Existing marketing companies are very dishonest and will say whatever it takes to make a sale

I’ll be honest, I didn’t intend on building an online marketing company for healthcare professionals – I guess a great product, honest communication, tangible results, and no BS is a pretty good formulae for success.

Here’s what you can expect from me and what I demand of myself:

  1. I will always act in YOUR best interest – if I don’t think I am the best person for the job I’ll tell you.
  2. I’m honest – good or bad, you can count on me to be upfront and tell you how it is, no BS is what I’m all about
  3. I’m the best – I hate mediocrity and second place SUCKS. I will always continue to improve to ensure I provide the best product possible for a fair price

Enough about me, click on the button below to book a virtual meeting with me so that I can learn about YOU.

Let’s rock and roll,

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