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My name is Nash Kassam – I believe I am the best dental marketer in the world!

Over the past 7 years I have learned more than I could imagine about dental marketing and how to successfully grow a practice. Now, my mission is simple – to partner up with one dentist in each city who wants to DOMINATE their market and establish themselves as the best office in town.

I possess 3 traits that make me unlike any marketer you have ever spoken with:

  1. Candor: I’m honest and tell you how it is. I don’t sugar coat my feedback and won’t beat around the bush.
  2. Knowledge: I have degrees in Business, Marketing, and Communication. I also have extensive experience working in the dental industry – both working for a dental office and in dental software sales. I ‘ve spoke with THOUSANDS of dentists and understand your frustrations and challenges.
  3. Success: My reputation speaks for itself. 100% of my clients are happy and see a positive ROI. On average I deliver a $4 to $1 short term ROI and every single dentist I have ever worked with has continued to use me after their contract term ends.

Growing your business is tough…

  1. Increase in the Supply of Dentists: More dental students are graduating and practicing than baby boomer dentists are retiring. This means new prospective patients have more options and will be spread out over more dentists. Overtime, clinics will continue to see a decrease in new patients, unless they actively invest in growth.
  2. Consumer behaviour has changed: The phone book is dead. People have easy access to information 24/7. In only few minutes most consumers can find a well-reviewed dentist within 5 or 10 minutes of their location. What are you doing to get found and why should someone choose you?
  3. Once bitten, twice shy: Most dentists have been scammed by some sleazy sales person who knew nothing about growing your practice and only cared about their commission. I get it – that’s why I offer a guarantee!

What are you waiting for?

I love action takers. Click on the button below to schedule a call with me. Let’s chat about your goals and come up with a plan to grow!

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